The Ultra-Humanite. Not the goofy gorilla version from the JLU series, or the original version that's too close to Luthor, but the scary version of the scientist who swaps his brain into one body after another (often other heroes) as seen in 'Power Girl' or 'The Golden Age' » 5/24/13 12:39pm 5/24/13 12:39pm

If you loved "Wonderfalls" you will adore "Pushing Daisies!" Also by Bryan Fuller, both shows have the same quirky vibe and share a number of the same actors. In fact there's even one episode of "Pushing Daisies" that's a direct follow-up to the "Muffin Buffalo" episode of "Wonderfalls." » 5/23/13 10:59am 5/23/13 10:59am